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  1. | This is by far the most independent and comprehensive CRM software website we've found. The articles related to CRM software selection, implementation and improvement are spot on, and this may be the only CRM web site that calls vendors out for their short-comings.

  2. Paul Greenberg | Greenberg is the so called God father of Social CRM (sCRM), a frequent conference speaker and author of the best selling 'CRM at the Speed of Light'. He actually pens two well read blogs at pgreenblog and ZDnet.

  3. Denis Pombriant | Pombriant is a former Aberdeen analyst and now runs his own Beagle Research boutique. He's been a follower and advisor of the software as a service (SAAS) and cloud computing movement far longer than most, and he provides particularly close coverage of

  4. | Despite his self titled moniker, this CRM blogger is no chump. He's actually a user of customer relationship management software who uses his blog share experiences, lessons and learning about CRM software and Lead Management Systems.

  5. | CRM blogger Sanjay is a occasional CRM conference speaker, independent consultant, published author and enthusiast for nearly all CRM related topics. He is an experienced software architect, CRM consultant, business process engineer and project manager.

  6. | Kelly is an Independent CRM consultant and blogger who has been implementing CRM software systems for over a decade and shares her first hand experiences with linking SFA systems to sales methodologies, implementing full CRM applications that achieve ROI and lasting success.

  7. | Howard is a CIO and Government IT blogger who scribes online to cooperate with and learn from other IT professionals serving the federal government and public sector. He blogs about CRM software and various other types of business software applications.

  8. | Hailey is former public sector IT servant, and now a CRM consultant and blogger. Her forte and most of her consulting engagements are generally either CRM software selection projects or software implementation projects.

  9. | The crew from Genesys Advisory contribute to this customer relationship management blog and independent rating of CRM software systems. Their analysis and recommendations are known to be independent and credible.

  10. | This CRM blogger is a colleague of CRM chump, and determined not to let the chump claim all the glory from the shared customer relationship management software experiences and insight. Despite the friendly rivalry, the blog posts are entirely unique.


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